Wi-Fi Trade Topic Rules.

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Wi-Fi Trade Topic Rules.

Post  Joey on November 22nd 2009, 3:03 am

Okay, to prevent some confusion with you guys. I want to help you guys out with a few rules, to prevent chaos from happening in the forums. So, make sure to listen up and remember these rules while trading with other people:

1)PokeSAV or Not?
-If you have a Pokemon that's PokeSAV and you're suspicious of it, then you have full 100% rights of trading it back. However, if the person doesn't trades you back, then you can report the situation to a moderator to get the situation reviewed. If the person is caught hacking and doesn't trade back, then the punishment is followed by:

1st Offense: 1-Day Suspension and will be forced to trade back.
2nd Offense: 5-Day Suspension, and will be forced to trade back the Pokemon.
3rd Offense: 10-Day Suspension, or Permanent Suspension.

*If the person doesn't trade back, then The Coded Block Wi-Fi Shop will give a replacement Pokemon and the abuser will get an auto 10-day suspension.

2)Voice Chat Abuse.
-If they're an issue where the other person says a few things they shouldn't be saying, or saying harassment over Voice Chat, then report a moderator immediately. Try to record the voice chat as much as possible and send it to a moderator to review the situation. If the person has been caught doing so, then the punish will be:

1st Offense: 1-Day Suspension.
2nd Offense: 2-Day Suspension, with probation of 10-days.
3rd or more Offense: 5-Day Suspension, with probation of 1-month.

*Probation: please refer to the main rules and regulations.

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