Fan-Art Regulations.

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Fan-Art Regulations.

Post  Joey on November 22nd 2009, 4:23 am

1) Copyright Infringement
I'm known to find a bunch of images on random websites. If I find a copyrighted image in this area or a report of Fan-Art Copyright Infringement, then CodedFantasy himself will review the image. Copyright Infringement materials will not be tolerated on the forums, and will be followed by these set of punishments, if these actions does take place in the forums:

1st Offense: Probation for 2 weeks.
2nd Offense: 1-Day Suspension, with Probation for 1 month.
3rd Offense: Permanent Suspension / Contact of Original Artwork Owner.

We do not want to see any nudity, sexual-related images, or anything posted in the Fan-Art section, unless approved by CodedFantasy himself. This does include Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai, Shota, Lolli, or any anime-related image that contains nudity! You can send the image in, but it's uncertain-- then post it. If it's taken down due to it, then we'll not punish you. However, if you did post this image, then you'll face the punishement of...

1st Offense: 1-week probation
2nd Offense: 1-Day Suspension w/ 2-week probation
3rd or Higher: 3-Day Suspension w/ 2-week probation.

3) Suggestive Themes.
Now, you might have these things that parents might not want you to be looking at. This is why I don't want any blame for your parent's yelling at me for this, so I'm laying down the lawn on this. No images that contains suggestive themes (profanity, drugs, alcohol, sexual-related, etc.) is not allowed on the forums, unless approved by CodedFantasy himself. If the image is taken to be suggestive, then the image is taken down; however, if the image is placed back up, then action will be placed against the poster.

1st Offense: 1-week probation
2nd Offense: 2-week probation + 3-day No Fan-Art Submissions.
3rd Offense: 4-week probation + 3-day Suspension + 1-week No Fan-Art Submissions.

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