The Main Rules.

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The Main Rules.

Post  Joey on November 22nd 2009, 4:56 am

1) Troll-Free Area.
This is an area where you chat and relax in peace, not a place to cause drama. You can take that drama elsewhere, like on Youtube or Myspace, but not on here. This will include sexism, racism, harassment of any kind, etc. If the person has been caught annoying certain people on the forums, the posts will be deleted and the accuser will be punished by the following:

1st Offense: 1-Day suspension on the forums and 1-week of Probation.
2nd Offense: 5-Day suspension on the forums and 3-week of Probation.
3rd Offense: 10-Day Suspension on the forums, 1 month Probation, and possible permanent suspension.

2) Probation
This is a system that allows some people off the hook, but can be a major cost, if you get into trouble. If you get into a punishment with a probation on your record at the time, then you'll be moved to the maximum punishment for that offense. If it's something light and done again, it'll be a likely ten-day suspension or a permanent suspension. It just depends on the mood of the moderators.

3) Suggestions are always accepted!
Most to all suggestions are always taken into our system to be reviewed. It doesn't mean that we'll accept the suggestion to do this or that on the forum, but we might try to do something to make a better experience on the forums. Don't try to make suggestions that could lead into punishments of any kind.

4) Follow the seperate rules in each category!
They're separate rules in each category for some specific things, like Wi-Fi Cafe and Fan-Art section. They're rules that'll be updated once in the while, we'll send a video out from Youtube User: CodedFantasy when that'll happen. It'll specify the new rules and everything that's being updated on the forums for your safety and your concerns.

5) Follow the Avatar / Signature SIZE!

People will probably make these VERY HUGE signatures or avatar images that probably will annoy other issues. If this will happen, CodedFantasy will remove the signature or avatar from your profile and will be sent a warning. If you keep abusing this system, then you'll be punished by the following punishments:

1st Offense: Removal of Signature / Avatar + Warning
3rd Offense: 1-week probation / 3-Day No Signature Suspension.
5th Offense: 3-Day Suspension / 1-week No Signature Suspension.

6) Respect the Moderators / Administrators!
They're the authority over the forums and they will handle the majority of issues. In severe cases, CodedFantasy will be contacted for some issues to be resolved. If you believe that a moderator is abusing his power, please send CodedFantasy a private message with a screenshot of the Moderator's post(s). If you're found to be doing this often, you'll have to face...

1st Offense: 3-Day Suspension, 2-week probation.
2nd Offense: 6-Day Suspension, 1-month probation.
3rd Offense: 10-Day Suspension (possible permanent suspension), with 2-month probation.

7) No Fighting over Consoles!
I don't care if the Xbox 360 is better or the Playstation 3 is more better. Seriously, you guys are going to make yourselves immature, if you're going to do that kind of shit on the forums. This will be taken very serious under Moderators, and we'll delete the post. After deleting the post, here's the punishment:

1st Offense: Warning ONLY! + Deletion of Post.
2nd Offense: 1-Day Suspension + Deletion of Post.
3rd Offense: 3-Day Suspension + 1-week suspension from Console Section + Deletion of Post.
4th Offense: 5-Day Suspension + 2-week suspension from Console Section + Deletion of Post.
5th Offense: Possible 10-day or permanent suspension + 1-month suspension from Console Section.

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